When is your body at its best?  When your blood sugar is balanced.

Your body runs off of Glucose – which is fuel for all the cells in your body – but too much can become a slow-acting poison. Let’s take a look at what happens when our blood sugar isn’t stable.

When Your Blood Sugar Is Too High…

  • WEIGHT WILL INCREASE – When your glucose levels are high, your body stores fat. 
  • PANCREAS TROUBLE – High sugar levels erode the ability of cells in your pancreas to make insulin. This causes the organ to overcompensate and your insulin levels stay elevated. This can cause permanent damage to the pancreas. 
  • ATHEROSCLEROSIS – Your body’s ability to transport blood throughout is vital. High levels of blood sugar can lead to Atherosclerosis, which is a hardening of the blood vessels. Damaged blood vessels can open the flood gates for health issues including: Kidney Disease, Heart Attacks, Vision Loss and Blindness, Strokes, Weakened Immune System (so you get sick more often), Neuropathy (which causes tingling, pain, or less sensation in your hands, legs, and feet), Erectile Dysfunction, and Slow Wound Healing.

When Does Our Blood Sugar Get Too High? When too many calories and sugar are consumed at one time it causes a spike in the blood sugar, increasing toxins in the body, and the High-Low cycle begins.  

When Your Blood Sugar Is Too Low…

What about when our blood sugar gets too low? This is when we crave fuel that can be used quickly by the body – think sugar, simple carbohydrates, sweets and treats. The body also burns muscle for fuel (which is a tragedy – your muscle keeps your metabolism HIGH), holds on to fat, your energy crashes, and we experience mood swings, edginess, headaches, and brain fog.

When Does Our Blood Sugar Get Too Low? Our blood sugar gets too low when we skip meals, go too long without eating, restrict our calories, and don’t eat the right amounts of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. 

The Power of BALANCE

A body with stable blood sugar has no cravings, great sustainable energy, releases fat to be used as energy (how you lose weight), protects its lean muscle (which is vital for a high metabolism, and good muscle tone), has great mental acuity (no brain fog), and just feels good. Bottom line: You feel great and in control of your body. 

Working With Your Body

Don’t feel weak during these high and low blood sugar “swings”.  Your body is an amazing machine and is trying to keep you alive and function the best it can.  Learn to work WITH your body instead of against it.  Stable blood sugar is vital for overall health and well-being.  A happy body is a stable and “balanced” body. 

The Best Way To Balance Your Blood Sugar

Starting your day right is everything! Remember, the best chance you have at balancing and stabilizing your blood sugar is when you BREAK your FAST, after your nightly rest. What you consume FIRST in the day is absolutely critical to nourish the cells, balance your body, and properly feed your healthy gut bacteria so it flourishes. The body comes ALIVE when it receives proper nourishment. Simply stated, your body is at its OPTIMUM when the blood sugar is balanced.  

Starting Your Day Right

Having the proper balance of whole superfood nutrition with healthy, easy-to-absorb plant and vegetable-based protein, and the right balance of all essential vitamins and minerals is critical to set the stage for a high energy, great mental acuity, feeling-your-best, kind of day. Pure Superblend was specifically formulated with this in mind, to give you all you need to balance your body in all areas, to start your day RIGHT so that you are EMPOWERED to be your best. Balancing your blood sugar, getting you ready for a great day, and looking and feeling your BEST all begins with how you start your day.