NEW YEAR | NEW YOU – Top 7 Tips for Success!

NEW YEAR | NEW YOU – Top 7 Tips for Success!

Health related goals are at the top of many New Year’s Resolution lists, which gets us so excited!  Your health affects everything – your mind, body, energy levels, motivation … your entire outlook on life is better when you feel good!  Don’t get lost in the hustle.  Make sure you read our BLOG post – Goal Setting Success – to make sure you set goals you’re primed to achieve.

Weight loss, better health, more energy …

This all comes down to a balanced and stabilized body.  If your blood sugar isn’t stable you won’t feel well.  You’ll have low energy, headaches, and big cravings.  It’s almost impossible to stick to a healthy eating plan under these circumstances.  But with a little planning balancing your blood sugar is easier then you think. What you do first in the morning is absolutely critical for how your day will go.  If you’ve given your body a good 12-hour fasting window (from your evening meal to your morning intake) then your body will be like a dry sponge – primed and ready for absorption.  

Your Morning intake …

Your body LOVES clean whole-food nutrition that is easily absorbed – ESPECIALLY in the morning when the digestive tract has been at rest. When you give your body what it needs first thing in the morning it “fills” your sponge and all systems in your body wake up and are ready to go.    

PURE SUPERBLEND was designed specifically with high absorption in mind – a quick and easy way to get everything you need first in the morning to balance the blood sugar and stabilize the body. 

If you’ve been using PURE SUPERBLEND, you’ve already noticed how it takes away your cravings and gives you natural sustained energy (with NO stimulants – just natural, whole foods to fuel your body).  You feel ALIVE – which is exactly what happens when you give the body what it needs.

Here are my top 7 Tips For Success to help you stick with your Healthy-Body/Healthy-Mind New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Shoot for your 12 hour fasting window each evening.  I can’t tell you how critical this is to allow the digestive tract to rest and the organs to detoxify.  This prepares your body to take you in strong the next day.
  1. Hydration.  All systems in your body function optimally when fully hydrated.  A hydrated body can easily remove toxins from the body (toxins out means you feel better!).
  1. Sleep.  I know.  Sleep is a touchy subject (we have five precious littles, I can’t remember the last time we slept through the night) – but really, do the best you can!  Just realize that hormones are reset when you get adequate sleep (for adults that’s 7-9 hours/night).  If you don’t get enough rest just realize that you’ll have an uphill battle the next day.  Cravings will hit as a natural way for the body to try and keep you awake.  Really try to make sure you eat clean, whole (unprocessed) foods, with lean protein every 3-4 hours to keep your cravings at bay.  
  1. Nutrition.  Follow the 90/10 rule.  90% clean – 10% sweets and treats – but be human. I want our kids to always see that there’s balance in all things – especially with their nutrition.  It’s always important to focus on eating clean – whole foods, good healthy fats, and lean protein every 3-4 hours.  But when a birthday or special occasion comes – don’t be afraid to have some fun with a little treat.  
  1. Get moving.  Oh, you knew it was coming.  Yes, being active is such a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.  Your body is a “use-it-or-lose-it” kind of machine.  Try to be as active as you can in your everyday lifestyle.  Get up and get moving.  If you want your body to be strong with lean muscle then you’ve got to train your body that this is what it needs to build and hold onto.  

Focus on what you love.  Walk, run, bike, swim, ski, yoga, pilates, chase your kids around the neighborhood…whatever it takes!  There are so many amazing things to do to keep your body moving.  A variety is always best to keep the body guessing and to fully train all of your muscles.  Shoot for extra physical activity most days of the week – that’s 5-6 days – and love it! =)

  1. Drink your PURE SUPERBLEND – and be CONSISTENT.PURE SUPERBLEND was created for you and for me and for everyone who is trying to discover and maintain their healthiest mind and body.  I love how quick and easy it is to start my day – and that even though we have a busy-busy household, our entire family can start their day with all they need to put their best foot forward.  On extra busy days I drink it twice – once in the morning and once in the afternoon – for an added boost.  I know I need to FEEL my best to GIVE my best to everyone around me.  Don’t be afraid to take care of yourself.  You only get one you!
  1. Make it a family affair.  Studies show that greater success comes with achieving health goals when those around you are on the same path.  Everyone in your life can benefit from living a more pure, balance life.  So recruit your loved ones.  


All-and-all I always say FOCUS ON THE GOOD.  Don’t get caught up on what you can’t have. Focus on filling your day with goodness … good healthy whole foods, good physical activity, and good things to fill your heart and mind. Turn your phone off and connect – be in the moment.  You’ll never get another NOW – so enjoy it to the fullest.  

Remember … we’re here to help you achieve your goals and help you have SUCCESS!  Take it one day a time and don’t give up.  The greatest gift you can give yourself (and everyone around you!) is the gift of good health.  You’ve got this!  Here’s to a happy you!

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