Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Love is something to celebrate all year round, but Valentines Day is filled with extra love and with that, typically comes extra sweets! There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a chocolate heart or two, but why not try creating memories that will forever stay in your hearts this year instead! 

We’ve put together a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (sans chocolate!) to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Gift ideas for him or her: 

  1. Made by Mary Jewelry
  2. Yeti Mug
  3. Running Shoes
  4. Scented Candle 
  5. Wireless Earbuds
  6. Self-care; massage, manicure/pedicure
  7. Watch
  8. Journal
  9. Swell Water Bottle
  10. Experiences for him and her 
    • Weekend away to a cottage
    • Rock climbing
    • Biking
    • Yoga class
    • Hiking
    • Arcade
    • Movie night (at home or out)
    • Night under the stars with a picnic
    • Candle lit dinner at home with flowers

Okay, so if you’re really looking to do something outside of the box for your partner this year … here’s a BONUS gift idea for you to try!

Date Night Gift Card Box

This Date Night Gift Card Box is a gift that actually spreads your love throughout the entire year with pre-planned mini dates. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that can be enjoyed together!

All you will need to create this is a cute box, craft envelopes, and gift cards of your choice! The dates can be as extravagant as you would like them to be or just plain and simple, fun things to do with your partner. Write a small love note on the inside flap of each envelope with the gift card inside for a clue to what your fun date will be! 

Here are some gift card ideas to add to your Date Night Gift Card Box:

        Gift card to your favorite breakfast spot together 

        Gift card to your favorite lunch spot together

        Gift card to your favorite dinner spot together 

        Gift card to their favorite place to shop for some new clothing

        Gift card to their favorite place to shop for a hobby they love (golfing, running etc)

        Gift card to get a pedicure together 

        Gift card to your favorite smoothie place

        Gift card to buy tickets to see your home team play

This Valentine’s Day, do what you love, be with who you love and express your love in
whatever way feels right for you. We wish you the most joyous and love-filled day!

With love,
Your Puratae Family

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