Organizing Your LOVE Letters

Organizing Your LOVE Letters

Organizing Your L • O • V • E Letters

There’s nothing much sweeter than receiving a cute sticky note from your spouse on the bathroom mirror, or a drawing from your children left on your bedside table. The trouble is, where do you keep these tiny love notes so that the sentiment can be cherished for years to come all while keeping your spaces free from piles of miscellaneous papers of love notes, drawings, and cards?

With LOVE Day right around the corner, we know you’re going to be receiving lots of love notes from friends, family, your spouse, or your children – and we’re sharing a cute and fun way to store these letters without the clutter! 

Materials you will need:

  • Craft Photo Boxes, one for each category (size: length: 11″, width 7 1/2″, height 4 1/4″). You can find these photo boxes at Michaels Craft stores here or at Hobby Lobby here.
  • Love Notes
  • Marker or computer/printer to create a cute front label

Note: Choosing a neutral color for your love box will help when placing them in a spot in your home super simple.

How to Create your Love Note Boxes:

To get started on your loves boxes, you’re first going to want to organize your love notes into different categories. It’s best to have a separate box for each so that you can keep things clean. You can include things like sticky notes left by kids or your spouse, holiday cards, love notes, drawings – anything that made you feel special when you received it.  

Here are a few category ideas to get you started:

  • From the Kids {insert child name here}, create one box for each child
  • From my Husband/ Wife
  • From Family
  • From Friends

Next, create the labels for your love note boxes. You can either create these on a computer and print them off, or simply write on the front of the box in nice handwriting or printing who the love notes are from. I like to write it as if they were addressed to me and then who they were from like this, “From my Husband.” Whenever you take a moment to read the notes inside, you will know who they were from! 

Once you have all of your boxes labeled, add in the notes to their corresponding boxes and voila!

A fun extra box to think about creating is one for each of your children. This box is one where you can store any notes you’ve written to your kids, a pregnancy or first year journal, some of your most cherished photos of them growing up, etc. When your babies are ready to leave home after all of those years (tear), you will have something extra special to gift to them. This will help you to remember those extra special moments and share that with them when they’re older! 

Where to store your Love Notes:

Our love note boxes stay on a shelf in our room (meaning, Mom and Dad’s room!). These notes are near and dear to our hearts, so they always stay close to us. You can also choose to store these on a wall shelf in a common area in the home, or the bottom shelf of a hallway table. Although … if you have littles running around, you’re going to want to keep these boxes out of reach so that your organized piles don’t turn into a pile of fun to dive into! 

Wherever you decide to display your love boxes, you will be reminded each time you walk by them of all of the love passed to and though your family over the years. We have also started a new tradition on Valentine’s Day of pulling out a few love notes we’ve received (or whenever you need some extra love) and reading them aloud to fill our cups. It’s such an incredible way to feel connected to those you love the most and many years down the road you will be so happy to have kept even the simplest note that said, “Have an amazing day, I love you so much.” 

We’d love to see your creations!
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