With Mother’s Day coming we’ve put together a few of our absolute favorite gifts we think Mom will love.  Gifts for Mom to wear to remind her of our love, gifts she’ll cozy up with to feel wrapped in our hugs, gifts to keep her balanced, organized, and special things to help her find (and keep) her inner calm.

Click on the item to find out where you can purchase online! 

  1. Made by Mary Mama Disc Necklace
  2. Sunski Sunglasses
  3. Saje Aromatherapy Necklace Kit 
  4. Pottery Barn Chunky Handknit Throw
  5. Saje Essential Oils – Pocket Pharmacy
  6. Essential Tote
  7. Saje Relaxing Bath Salt Soak
  8. Beachcomber Round Handled Organizing Baskets
  9. Blush Crate and Barrel Kitchen Utensils
  10. Lululemon Yoga Mat


If you’re more of a “DIY” gifter, why not try making Mom her favorite meal for dinner or serving her breakfast in bed? Or, write a letter telling her why she’s the best Mama ever (you know she’ll keep it forever!). Remember what’s most important of all, is that you show Mom you love her in the best way YOU know how. Another wonderful thing about Mom’s is that they don’t ask for much, even after all they give. They are lovers by nature, and no matter what you shower your Mom with this Mother’s Day, she will love it – just like she will always love YOU!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom’s! We love and appreciate you for all you do!