Loving Yourself First – A Valentine’s Day Reminder

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a day to celebrate your love with a significant other, but what if this year you saw it as a wonderful reminder to love yourself. And, not only loving yourself, but loving yourself first.

Puratae was created to help people find balance in their life. Balance on ALL levels: nutrition, exercise, mental health, feeling good – and how you live your life in general. But there is another component of balance to life that’s just as important, and this one comes from within. That is, how you fit in time to love yourself and in what ways can you do this to best serve you?

One of the ways you can find balance on your journey of finding radical self-love, is by re-writing your life script; or, your inner dialogue. In other words, what is the story you’re telling yourself each day and what would you like it to be instead? It’s so easy for us to tell our loved ones that we love them, that we are proud of them, or how kind they are, but what are you telling yourself? What script are you reading in your own mind? Is it balanced? Is it positive? 

To help you out on this journey, we’ve put together a list of positive affirmations to help get you started! Take a moment to write these down, and then read them as you look in the mirror, and allow yourself to feel the emotions that come up for you. Accept these affirmations to be your truth, and then, they will become it. 

I am loved.
I am kind.
I am healthy.
I am wanted.
I accept myself.
I make others smile!
I am grateful.
I am a positive light!
I am worthy.
I am courageous!
I am strong.
I have infinite possibility!
I am smart!
I have control over my thoughts & feelings.
I am brave.
I am balanced.
I love myself!
I am enough. 

Our wish for you this Valentine’s Day is that you find balance in the day, and take time to love yourself, too! Deeply and truly, LOVE yourself! Forgive yourself from any mistakes, love all of your ‘imperfections’ as a human, and find that sense of content with being the person that you are! There is only one you. So this year, show yourself some love and practice those affirmations.

Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO