5 Tips for staying ON track on an OFF day

As you know, we love sharing ways to create and live a healthy lifestyle with balance. Life, though, also creates its own form of balance around us, which means that you are bound to have ‘off-days’ here and there. 

Know that having off days is normal. We like to think they happen because something bigger and better is right around the corner. When something is feeling off-balance, it may mean that it’s time to make a shift, so that new positive changes can make their way in! Having these shifts, be them emotional, mental, or physical are a part of life – but this doesn’t mean that you need to fall off track completely! 

We’re sharing our top 5 tips for staying ON track on an OFF day! 

  1. YOU’RE ALLOWED TO TAKE A DAY. If you are feeling off, allow yourself to take the time you need to fill your cup. Add in something to your day that will make you laugh if you’re feeling low, take time to yourself if you need to regain some emotional energy, or schedule in time for yourself to take that nap you so desperately need if you’re feeling tired. 
  2. ONLY EAT WHAT YOU LOVE. Oftentimes when we are having an off day, we throw out our reasoning for what we consume. Allow yourself to eat something that is considered ‘off track’ for you, but only eat it if it is something you absolutely LOVE! 
  3. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Hydration is key, not only for your everyday well-being, but especially on days when you might be eating a little different than you usually would. This will keep your system flushed and even help you if you’re having headaches, cravings, or low energy. 
  4. ROUTINE. Try your best to stick to a routine. Hydration, sleep, workouts, morning Puratae, etc., you know the drill! Even if these things have to happen in moderation, it will help you to feel accomplished at the end of the day! 
  5. START YOUR DAY OFF RIGHT. Regardless of how off you are feeling, make it a non-negotiable to start your day by fueling your body with everything it needs to thrive. Having the right balance of superfood nutrition, pre and probiotics, vitamins and minerals FIRST THING in the morning is KEY to feeling good. 

You know yourself best. Take a break when it’s needed, and love yourself enough to feed your body with good whole-food nutrients. It’s all about balance. You’ve got this!